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TisaKorean - Let Me Update My Status (2023) Review

TisaKorean shows the world how silly he can get with the release of his new album “Let Me Update My Status”

Houston native TisaKorean has been well known for being the life of the party since the release of his viral hit “Dip” which was released in the summer of 2018 and I personally have considered him a national treasure. His music, aesthetic and energy has been reminiscent of the ringtone era while making it feel like something entirely new.

TisaKorean captures the perfect combination of now and then with the release of his latest project “Let Me Update My Status”. It becomes clear to see where TisaKorean has gotten some of his inspiration from for this album as it begins with“SiLlY BaNdAnA (iNtRo).Mp3”, using a Soulja Boy sample from the 2008 hit single “Gucci Bandana”.

The album evokes an instant feeling of nostalgia from the production alone, each track made me feel like a child that found something that has long been lost. The third track, “SiLlY MoAn.mP3 '', became the highlight of the album for me instantly because of the repetitive adlibs alongside the dream-like production provided by TisaKorean himself that was reminiscent of a lullaby.

Certain tracks on the album like “StEvIe wOnDeR (yCg).Mp3”, “StOp tExTiNg.mP3”, and “HYpNoTiZ4.mP3” are both euphoric and hypnotic in nature which provided another label of complexity to the album because of the contrast in energy delivered from the beginning, middle and end.

The ninth track on the album I had previously mentioned, “HYpNoTiZ4.mP3”, is especially interesting to me because TisaKorean is paying homage to the ringtone era while also doing the same for the late great Dj Skrew. Finding a way to honor his hometown with this track was special to me because where we come from is a part of our identity and it could provide fans with a greater understanding of what makes TisaKorean TisaKorean.

All in all I believe “Let Me Update My Status” is TisaKorean’s best project to date from top to bottom and it is already one of my favorite projects of the year. This body of work shows the world that TisaKorean has so much more to offer, so I can only imagine what he has in store for us in the future.

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