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Bladee - Spiderr (2022) Review

The best possible mix of autotune, rap, and pop.

Swedish artist Bladee expands his horizons with Spiderr, which released September 30th, 2022.

Spiderr is Bladee’s most recent album and one of his best projects to date. I love how with each project, Bladee and producer Whitearmor redefine their sound and put out a project that tops the last. In the case of Spiderr, I would argue that it is better than Crest, and on par with EXETER, which was my favorite Bladee project. I love Exeter because of it’s experimental synths and elaborate lyricism, with a sense of minimalism and some of my favorite album art.

Spiderr expands on this with hard hitting bass, very interesting floaty synthesizers, and a really nice use of autotune. Usually I hate apparent autotune in music but bladee, ecco2k, and thaiboy digital (Drain Gang Members) make it listenable and enjoyable. I love this project, every song is so good with HAHAH being stuck in my head for entire days at a time. There is a really funny smooch noise that plays in the first half of the song that makes me chuckle every time.I love the attention to detail and the silly sound effects and chopped up samples that play during most songs.

This is definitely not a genre I listened to much in the past, but I am redefining my taste every single day and always look for new music to listen to. The lyricism on Spiderr is mostly positive, with tracks about becoming a better person and a new chapter in life (DRAIN STORY), but also contrasts with negative lyricism in I AM SLOWLY BUT SURELY LOSING HOPE which is about battling depression and how there are high highs in life but also low lows. I never look into lyrics that much but I am working on it. I usually spend more time listening to the instruments and melodies/harmonies. If you interpreted the lyrics differently, just let me know and we can discuss it!

Aside from the lyrics I can somewhat interpret, I love this album. It is the most addicting bladee project and it helps wake me up on my commute to school.

I am giving this album a 9/10. I have had it on repeat for DAYS and I love it so much. I love Bladee and the production on Spiderr is astronomical. This music definitely is not everyone’s cup of tea, but I would recommend everyone to at least give it a shot! It took a little while for the use of autotune to grow on me, but I am so glad that it has.

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