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Babyface Ray - MOB (2022) Review

Detroit’s own Babyface Ray follows up his strong commercial debut album FACE with his second album of the year MOB.

Babyface Ray is one of Detroit’s brightest stars that continues to shine through the release of MOB, a more personal and introspective album. One of the tracks on the album, titled Vonnie’s Skit, was an interview-like discussion between Babyface Ray and his mother about the dreams she sacrificed in order to raise a family. This skit transitions into Vonnie’s Song which felt like a totem of appreciation for the sacrifices Babyface Ray’s mother had made in her life.

While pulling back the curtain for a more transparent perspective on the artist’s upbringing is a reward within itself, MOB also does an excellent job at reminding fans of how immaculate Babyface Ray’s pen is. Babyface Ray’s nonchalant flows are highlighted on tracks like Waves on Every Chain, Corner Suite, and Hallelujah featuring GMO Stax.

What I loved most about this album aside from how personal it is compared to previous projects, is that there were only five features out of the eighteen tracks. This gave me and other listeners the opportunity to hear more songs with Babyface Ray shining solo on tracks.

Overall I’d give this album 8/10. It is a great follow up album to his commercial debut FACE, giving fans both old and new the opportunity to become more familiar with the artist’s work.

Written by WXOU Volunteer, Jordan Ross. To join the team, click HERE.



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