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Club Football Wins 19-6 Over Loyola Chicago on Homecoming Night

By: Giovanni Moceri and Dayshawn Fields

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PxP: Giovanni Moceri

Color 1: Jacob Virostick

Color 2: Jake Massucci

On what was a frigid 46°, the Golden Grizzlies hosted Loyola Chicago for Homecoming weekend and celebrated Team One, the inaugural Oakland University football club in 2013, marking 10 years of football at the institution.

The defenses of both squads came out scrambling for both sides early, with both sides forcing punts to start out. The first quarter would end scoreless.

Oakland, with the wind to their back, started the 2nd quarter out with a bang, with T. Johnson completing a large catch for a 1st down and a 15-yard gain. This catch would secure him the Golden Grizzlies all-time receiving yards record.

Later in the quarter, the Golden Grizzlies scored their first TD of the night off an interception to go up 6-0 with a 6 yard TD pass to T. Johnson.

In the 2nd quarter, Oakland would have another opportunity to score off another interception with 30 seconds left in the half, but the Rambler defense did now allow it. The score was 6-0, Oakland lead, going into halftime.

The second half of the game started with another interception, this time by the Ramblers to get the ball back. The Ramblers would tie the game 6-6 with a TD drive and a failed 2PT conversion.

Score remained tied going into the 4th quarter, and with the Grizzlies facing 4th and 2 on the Rambler’s 42 yard line, the Grizzlies scored on a 42 yard TD run by R. Miller to go up 12-6.

Later in the 4th, the Ramblers punt the ball, and after a Grizzly grabs the ball later from the ground, not down, a Rambler rips the ball out and starts running for the endzone. However, the play was ruled dead before the Ramblers could take possession.

Amongst the confusion, the officials ruled the punt to be re-kicked. However, the snap was fumbled and recovered by E Coburn to set up the Grizzlies in the Rambler redzone.

Shortly after, the Grizzlies would score on a QB draw by N. Wooley to give the final score of 19-6.

Overall, the Oakland offense rushed for 166 yards on 38 carries and threw for 67 yards on 5 completions. The defense racked up 4 sacks, 3 interceptions, and a fumble recovery.

Oakland is now 1-3 on the season and will head to Toledo on October 21st to face the Rockets.



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