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Jack Black Film Top-10 Tier List

What is a Jack Black film in comparison to a movie Jack Black was in?

Jack Black films are those where he plays the same kind of rambunctious, silly, radical character. So films he's appeared in, like The Holiday, while amazing, do not represent him as his classic self.

Thomas Jacob "Jack" Black was spectacularly brought into this world on August 28, 1969. Son to Judith Love Cohen and Thomas William Black. Raised in Santa Monica California and attended UCLA. He is a wonderfully magical man.

Onto the list:

10. Shallow Hal


This film is solely on this list because Gwenyth Paltrow’s performance as Rosemary is incredible. This film preaches body positivity and inner beauty yet has lots of cheap-shot fat jokes. One may argue that it is very of its time. Yet, even when it was released in--, it was still looked down on as a poorly written film. Even the celebrity cameos cannot save this. It is not like this aged bad, the jokes in this film were never really good- always just kind of an "oh no'' type of reaction from all audiences.


9. Goosebumps

He was goosebumps! Scary! :( David Buchan/Variety/Rex Shutterstock

A tale delving into the depths of R.L. Stine's truly terrifying world. Has the one guy from 13 Reasons Why which is all in all pretty cool- it would be higher but the film was not very cohesive nor did it make a lot of sense. The movie will give you GOOSEBUMPS!!!! :DD

8. Shark tale

I definitely forgot Jack Black was in this. Not a super memorable movie in my opinion, though it is very nostalgic for many people. Some argue its trash, though I'm quite fond of it.

A story about a simple fish and a nice-looking fish- lady.

7. Mario movie




While the movie was okay, Black is most recognized for his press tour, of when he dressed up as his character, Bowser. Animation is incredible- go watch it.

6. Jumanji

By Frank Masi/@ Columbia Pictures/ Everett Collection

While Jack black is not the main character- he's still quite silly and goofy in his role. Plus his hat is adorable.

Look at him!!! LOOK!

5. Gulliver's travels

Awwww he's just a little guy!

In all seriousness, he is just a very lovable character here.

4. Nacho Libre


Self explanatory

3. Kung Fu Panda

An inspirational watch that makes you want to be a panda. Skadoosh!

2. Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny

Jeez louise, papa cheese! An awesome rock opera that follows two friends on their search to find the pick of destiny. An uplifting, comedic, inspirational film for the masses that celebrates rock. With stellar appearances from Ben Stiller, Meatloaf, David Grohl, and so many more- this film is a truly memorable watch.

1. School of Rock

A classic, School of Rock inspires minds, young and old, worldwide. A feel- good story following a young Dewey Finn and his unique methods of teaching through rock music. While a comedy, the emotional undertones of the plot make for a moving film. Plus the soundtrack totally rocks!!


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