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Lil Yachty Takes the Field Trip Tour to Detroit

Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty brought the Field Trip Tour to The Fillmore on Sunday night for the 23rd stop of The Field Trip Tour.

Lil Yachty performs "the BLACK seminole." at The Fillmore Detroit (Andrew Deacon)

This tour celebrated his latest album, “Let’s Start Here”, which was released earlier this year to a highly positive reception from both old and new fans. Despite this tour essentially being a victory lap for the massive resurgence Yachty has been going through in the last few years, what stood out most about the show was the sense of unity it created, both onstage and in the crowd. The Concrete Boys’ motto “It’s us” resonated throughout the night, as Yachty not only showcased music from across his 7+ year long career, but his friends, labelmates, and band.

The Detroit show began with three opening acts, the first of these being Stoop Lauren, who recently joined the tour lineup and did an excellent job energizing the crowd. The audience was a complete mix of fans from different eras of Lil Yachty’s career, ranging from his early SoundCloud days, his massive catapult into the mainstream, as well as his more recent forays into psychedelic rock and hip-hop. For many, “Let’s Start Here” was a first introduction to the rapper turned eclectic superstar, whereas others have been bumping “One Night” and “Broccoli” since his debut in 2016. Lil Yachty also holds a special place in Detroit-Rap fan’s hearts with his many collaborations with the new generation of rappers coming out of the city. No matter the reason fans came, the collective excitement for Yachty brought everyone together, creating a vibrant atmosphere that continued throughout the entire concert.

Following Stoop Lauren, several rappers from Yachty’s own Concrete Boys label took the stage, including Draft Day, Camo!, Karrahbooo, and Dc2Trill. Each artist showcased their own unique style through their individual songs, and hyped each other up as they came out one-by-one. The Concrete Family’s performance felt like a window into the future of hip-hop, with these young talents displaying immense potential. Like Yachty, they weren’t afraid to have fun on stage, and their infectious energy captivated the crowd.

Next up was Nick Hakim, who leaned more towards the psych-rock vibes of “Let’s Start Here” rather than the trap and R&B of the previous openers. Hakim, who produced many tracks on the aforementioned album, delivered a set of chill, melodic songs that offered a moment for the audience to catch their breath before the main act.

Lil Yachty was preceded by his all-female band, The Silver Sisters, who opened with “drive ME Crazy!” until Yachty joined them for the chorus. The band’s electric energy was unmatched, and set the tone for the entire show. The first thing Yachty did after he came out was acknowledge and hype the band up, rightfully so.

Lil Yachty onstage with The Silver Sisters at The Fillmore Detroit (Andrew Deacon)

Yachty’s set was divided into three main parts, the first of which featuring tracks from “Let’s Start Here” with a heavy psych-rock and pop influence. Fans were initially curious as to how Yachty would blend these newer tracks with the 6+ years of rap hits that came before them, but he seamlessly balanced the two. The stunning psychedelic visuals straight out of an acid trip added to the experience, with songs like “the ride-” and “pRETTy” captivating the audience. “The Alchemist.” was a highlight of this section, as well as the transition into a cover of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” played by The Silver Sisters while Lil Yachty took a short break before the next set of tracks

When Yachty returned to the stage,

the vibe shifted dramatically. The psychedelic visuals were replaced with a minimal stage setup as he delved into the rest of his catalog, playing some recent singles such as “SOLO STEPPIN CRETE BOY” and “Slide”, in addition to tracks from his more recent albums. This part of the show felt more like a Lil Yachty highlight reel, with Yachty playing the best parts of each song before switching things up and transitioning to the next track. Yachty’s energy reached a new level here, with his autotune-enhanced shouts into the mic and his frenzied, energetic stage presence igniting the Fillmore from pit to balcony. The only break in the performance was for a moment of silence to pay tribute to the late Juice WRLD before Yachty performed their collaboration track, “Yacht Club”.

Despite hailing from Atlanta, Yachty has shown an appreciation for Detroit and Flint rap since 2021, leading to the release of “Michigan Boy Boat” featuring a roster of Michigan artists. This show felt like a homecoming for Yachty, in which he brought out several artists featured on the tape.

Lil Yachty joined by Babyface Ray at The Fillmore Detroit (Andrew Deacon)

Yachty asked the crowd, “I want to listen to some of my favorite Detroit songs. Y'all mind if we just party together for a bit?” before bringing out a laundry list of Detroit and Flint’s finest to join him on stage. Each rapper would take the stage one-by-one, performing their own tracks (with Yachty geeking out on stage and doing ad-libs, of course) and collaborations. Peezy, Icewear Vezzo, Sada Baby, Babyface Ray, and Tee Grizzley joined Yachty, performing 313 classics such as “First Day Out”, “Whole Lotta Choppas”, and “From the D to the A”. Yachty also performed “Legendary” by the incarcerated rapper, Rio da Yung OG, shouting out “Free Rio!” to the crowd. Throughout this Detroit detour Yachty’s connection to Michigan grew even stronger.

The concert continued with a mix of Yachty’s earlier hits that brought him onto the scene, as well as the rest of the tracks off his recent “TESLA” EP. Hearing “Broccoli”, “iSpy”, and “One Night” live swept a wave of nostalgia over the crowd, as well as marking a transition to a new era for the rapper with “Strike (Holster)” and “Poland” which were crowd-pleasers. These last few songs felt like listening to a “Best of Lil Yachty” compilation

The Silver Sisters returned to close the show with a few more songs, bookending the concert with tracks off of “Let’s Start Here”. With their shredding guitars and funky bass, the audience was treated to an overwhelming yet trippy experience after the high-energy rap bangers from before. Lil Yachty’s signature auto-tuned vocals were a highlight, particularly on the fan-favorite “IVE OFFICIALLY LOST ViSiON!!!”.

Several stills of Lil Yachty from The Fillmore Detroit (Andrew Deacon)

The final song, “the BLACK seminole.”, a track that astounded fans when it first dropped, encapsulated the incredible journey of Lil Yachty’s career from his SoundCloud origins to the founding of the Concrete Boys label. Lil Yachty delivered a top-tier performance at The Fillmore, solidifying his status as a versatile and unapologetically authentic artist, leaving fans excited to see what’s next for this new era.

Full Setlist:

Set One:
  1. drive ME crazy!

  2. the ride-

  3. pRETTy

  4. The Alchemist. / sHouLd i B?

  5. In the Air Tonight (Phil Collins Cover)

Set Two:
  1. G.I. Joe

  2. Never Did Coke


  4. Slide

  5. Get Dripped

  6. Yacht Club


  8. Flex Up

  9. Coffin

  10. 2 Million Up (with Peezy)

  11. Up the Scoe (with Icewear Vezzo)

  12. Plastic (with Icewear Vezzo)

  13. Whole Lotta Choppas (with Sada Baby)

  14. SB5 (with Sada Baby)

  15. Gallery Dept (with Babyface Ray)

  16. Fight Night Round 3 (with Babyface Ray)

  17. 2 Vaults (with Tee Grizzley)

  18. From the D to the A (with Tee Grizzley)

  19. First Day Out (with Tee Grizzley)

  20. Legendary (Rio da Yung OG Cover)

  21. Minnesota

  22. Broccoli

  23. iSpy

  24. TESLA

  25. Poland

  26. Strike (Holster)

  27. One Night

Set Three:

  2. THE zone~


  4. the BLACK seminole.

For more photos from the night, check out the gallery below:

The Field Trip Tour, November 5th 2023 at The Fillmore Detroit (Andrew Deacon)

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