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Sustainability: Being Able to Discern Trendy Clothes from Timeless Pieces

In a technology dominated, capitalism- based society, it is easy to forget that one is constantly being sold to. This can be through ads or influencers subtly pitching products. Because of these factors, trends tend to rapidly rise and fall. This can be in clothing aesthetics, or in the concept of ‘’Needing to have it all’’.

The need to overconsume has always existed, there is no doubt about that. Though in recent years it has picked up with social media. This can be in GRWM videos, in which influencers show their entire massive makeup collection, selling their audience on the need of certain products to be successful and/ or beautiful. Often, most people do not realize they are being marketed to, through guerilla marketing. This is the act of being sold and marketed to without the knowledge of the individual. This can be seen especially on the app TikTok. They recently launched a new marketplace section of the app, where users are able to buy various items. What is intriguing about this is that users can also make videos promoting products. Though this is not generally known, these individuals make commission off of every item they sell. So this allows the endorsements of products that truthfully, are not that good.

Certain trends allow for clothing and other items to be seen as cool and fashionable while they are relevant. Then they become distasteful when the trend eventually dies. The issue of this concept is that trends are rising and dying quicker than before. And with online exposure, the need to follow trends is way higher. Take into account the pastel sweater vest trend of late 2020- 2021. The chokehold this cropped item had on Gen z was atrocious. Everyone seems to have a need for this item. When the internet moved on to a new trend, landfills and thrift stores were filled with these cheaply- made, bright sweater vests.

Not only is this lifestyle not eco-friendly, it is not sustainable for your bank account. These items tend to be very expensive. With the rapid comings and goings of these trends, there also comes rapid shopping sprees in order to be seen as fashionable and relevant. It is absolutely okay to like these trends and want to partake, but the issue is when those items are buried in the closet or thrown away afterwards.

Clothing items should be purchased with the thought in mind of how that item can be used years in the future. So shopping for cheaply made products or items that only can be worn in a specific trend is not sustainable. When shopping for timeless and sustainable pieces, you save money and eliminate waste.

Key Identifiers

  • Color Schemes

  • Graphics

  • Shape

Trendy Pieces That Are Heading For the Trash

High Waisted Jeans

Regardless of the fit, the silhouette of these jeans are rapidly going out of style. While this fit was certainly popular throughout the early 2020s, people are starting to sway more towards low rise bootcut jeans.

Pearl Necklaces

These pieces were extremely popular in the last few years. Used for jewelry

layering or to bring a certain pop of color to an otherwise dark- toned outfit, this accessory was in high demand. This unisex piece has been in recent years been opted out for something more simple, like a chain necklace.

THAT Nirvana Crewneck

If you have no idea what this crewneck is you probably have been living under a rock. The grip this Urban Outfitters Crewneck had on middle/high school girls was certainly a time. Nowadays, fans of the band have called out the shirt for not being related to what the band promoted. After all, neon is sooo grunge!

Sportswear as a Whole

While an incredibly durable and convenient style, the internet has seemed to just... move on. Due to being at home through the Pandemic, people are looking to wear less loungewear and more to dressing up. There is a subtle increase in formal trends.

Baggy Clothes

This generally applies to men's fashion, the streetwear style. The combination of baggy pants and large tops was popular but is slowly being traded out for newer trends.

Overall, it can be seen how quickly trends cycle in and out. This leads to overconsumption and overall the draining of one's wallet.

Timeless Pieces Examples

Overall anything with a solid ROYGBIV color would be solid, its flexible with any outfit as it's legit just a color. As long as it doesn't reference a specific fashion movement or pop culture of the time it will be timeless.

Ballet Flats

Even though they are incredibly trendy right now, they are a unique style that provides a unique accent to any outfit.

Personally I have rocked these bad boys since 2009.

Your Fav Band Shirt!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with rocking a band tee, there are people who have worn the same shirt since the 90s. If it does not represent a certain trend, you're good.


Popularized in the 90s, flannels have remained a closet staple for the gays and theys. Looking like a lumberjack is appealing at all times.


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