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Zober's Summer Music Discoveries

With summer coming to an end, now is the perfect time to talk about my summer music discoveries. I am always actively looking for new music to listen to, and this summer was no exception. Not only new music, but also music that has been on repeat for many many summers. In this article, I am going to showcase 10 albums that got me through those lazy summer days, energetic nights, and everything in between.

Crash (2022) - Charli XCX

Charli XCX is such a legendary artist. Her pop expertise is second to none. She has worked with so many huge artists (Iggy Azalea, Bladee, Lil Yachty, BTS, etc.), and her most recent studio album, Crash, exemplifies masterful pop songwriting. Every single song is so catchy, and I love the use of synths and bouncy bass. To me, this album is pop perfection!

Favorite Tracks: Yuck, Baby, Crash

Coast 2 Coast (2023) - Pearl and the Oysters

Pearl and the Oysters is a band I came across thanks to Stone Throw Records, who houses artists such as Mild High Club, Mndsgn, Benny Sings, and Jerry Paper. This record is crucial for the perfect beach day or driving with the windows down in the sun. It’s funky, retro, and is a wonderful listening experience that instantly changes your mood for the better!

Favorite Tracks: Fireflies, Pacific Avenue, Paraiso

Traveling Without Moving (1996) - Jamiroquai

Jamiroquai is one of the best artists of all time. Jay Kay and his band created a funky sound unlike any other, comparable to the likes of Stevie Wonder with a special twist. This album is nothing short of a jazzy, funky, electronic, dance masterpiece. Perfect for late night drives or any situation that involves dancing and grooving!

Favorite Tracks: Everyday, High Times, Do You Know Where You’re Coming From?

Marcos Valle (1983) - Marcos Valle

Marcos Valle creates music for those that want and need the beach. Tropical trees, martinis, fish of all colors, and a salty breeze. This album contains an amazing blend of keyboards, brassy melodies, and smooth vocals that practically force you to grab a beach towel, put on some sunscreen, and tan for hours. If you aren’t grooving after the first track, then you gotta!

Favorite Tracks: Samba de Verão, Naturalmente, Fogo do Sol

FLASH DESIRE (2019) - Yabujin

Yabujin is not beach music. Yabujin is lifting weights. Yabujin is dancing in a sewage drain. Yabujin is playing on your nintendo DS at 12am on a school night. Yabujin has some of the most interesting production and sample choices I have EVER heard. I love this EP. If you are into more experimental rap, I would give Yabujin a shot!


TUBES (2021) - Mcbaise

Ever since this album was released, I have been listening to it non-stop. French-born artist Mcbess has been creating wonderful tunes for around a decade. With every release, Mcbess improves on his sound, adding more layers, funky riffs, and incredible synthwork. TUBES has the classic Mcbaise sound but encapsulates the idea of all things water and water parks. Every time I listen to this album, I imagine myself floating down a lazy river or a never ending water slide!

Favorite Tracks: Ball Pit, Water Slide, Absurdia

Knowledge (1996) - M-Beat

M-Beat is arguably my favorite Jungle producer of all time. I love the bouncy feeling of the 808 bass paired with the sampled amen break drums. The vocals add so much to the mix as well, creating a heavenly concoction of dance and club music. Interestingly enough, artists Pinkpantheress and piri & tommy have started releasing chill, vocal driven songs with drum and bass backing tracks! I suggest you check out all three artists!

Favorite Tracks: Incredible, M-Beats Mood, Sweet Love

Cosmos (1981) - Yuji Ohno

Yuji Ohno is a Japanese composer who is known for scoring the soundtrack to Japanese animated series, Lupin the Third. The album Cosmos in particular popped up on my Youtube recommended feed a few years ago. The moment I clicked on the video, I knew that I was in for a treat. The composition, the sound, the production: it is all so crisp, cinematic, and beautiful. An orchestrated masterpiece comprised of cosmic themes and wonderfully placed transitions between songs. Listen to this on a long car ride and have a safe galactic space flight to your destination!

Favorite Tracks: Sunset, Sailing, Crystal Lullaby

Space Heavy (2023) - King Krule

King Krule has been under my radar for a while, until I decided to listen to The Ooz in the winter semester of last year. Wow. Archy Marshall and his band have a very impressive dynamic. King Krule has melancholy themes: both lyrically and compositionally, as well as genre blends containing jazz, indie rock, punk, and hip-hop. Space Heavy, King Krules most recent release, is on-par with his previous works. The soundscape of this record longs for a lonely summer night; sitting under a tree waiting for the leaves to morph into colors unrecognizable by the season presented, as a familiar breeze begins to fill the air and the days get shorter and shorter: fall approaches.

Favorite Tracks: Flimsier, Tortoise of Independency, If Only It Was Warmth

Stardust (1978) - Willie Nelson

Classic. What else can I say? Stardust is a beautifully performed record. Willie Nelsons’ singing is so intimate, along with his acoustic and electric guitar playing. It pairs nicely with delightfully mixed background instrumentals. This record is full of covers, and each one sounds amazing. I listened to this record during my vacationing up north and in Kentucky; perfect for chilling late at night by a campfire or fishing on a silent lake.

Favorite Tracks: Stardust, All of Me, September Song

Honorable Mentions

One Wayne G (2023) - Mac Demarco
  • Full of hidden gems. Very exciting and surprising album by Mac Demarco!

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • 20190802

      • 20190826

      • 20200317

PetroDragonic Apocalypse (2023) - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
  • Sludgy, dark, angry, wicked, King Gizzard goes back to their metal side with this intense project.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Converge

      • Dragon

      • Flamethrower

333 (2020) - Bladee
  • Personal favorite Bladee project for hiking on trails.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Mean Girls

      • Reality Surf

      • It Girl

Dots and Loops (1997) - Stereolab
  • Groovy and sonically delicious.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • The Flower Called Nowhere

      • Diagonals

      • Refractions in the Static Pulse

The Sound (2023) - Babymorocco
  • THE Summer Record.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Sun Sex Party

      • Girlfriends - Bamster Flip

      • NRG (bo en Remix)

Home, Like Noplace is There (2014) - The Hotelier
  • Midwest emo staple.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • An Introduction to the Album

      • Your Deep Rest

      • Housebroken

California (1999) - Mr. Bungle
  • Beach boys but ominous. I love Mr. Bungle.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Sweet Charity

      • The Air-Conditioned Nightmare

      • Goodbye Sober Day

Variety Pack EP, Vol. 1 (2019) - Freddie Dredd
  • Very fun samples with that classic Freddie Dredd twist.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Moving to America

      • Abuse

      • Endless Sea

Back on the Music! (2022) - Paul Cherry
  • Feel-good funky tunes with expansive instrument variety.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Bouncing off the Bottom

      • No News No Blues

      • Tootsie Roll

SCARING THE HOES (2023) - JPEGMAFIA and Danny Brown
  • Super impressive production and killer verses from both Danny Brown and Peggy.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Lean Beef Patty

      • Burfict!

      • Kingdom Hearts Key (ft. redveil)

Stone Flower (1970) - Antônio Carlos Jobim
  • Bossa Nova is one of my favorite genres. Antônio Carlos Jobim is the bossa master.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Tereza My Love

      • Children’s Games

      • Andorinha

1st EP ‘New Jeans’ (2022) and 2nd EP ‘Get Up’ (2023) - NewJeans
  • NewJeans is killing the kpop scene right now.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Super Shy

      • Cookie

      • Cool With You

SEYCHELLES (1976) - Masayoshi Takanaka
  • Please listen to Takanaka. Catchy riffs, tropical vibes, surfboard guitar.

    • Favorite Tracks:




Aguia Nao Come Mosca (1977) - Azymuth
  • Lounge music in paradise.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Vôo Sobre o Horizonte

      • Despertar

      • Falcon Love Call (Armazem nº 2)

Going Going Gone (2021) - Mild High Club
  • Out of this world compositions creating a psychedelic and jazzy pop gem.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Dionysian State

      • It’s Over Again

      • Me Myself and Dollar Hell

Ampersands (2020) - mei ehara
  • I play pool while listening to this album.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • day to night

      • gently

      • uncertain

Hellfire (2022) - black midi
  • Very very impressive third studio album by black midi. Saw them live twice, and would see them again.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Sugar/Tzu

      • Welcome to Hell

      • Dangerous Liaisons

The Low End Theory (1991) - Tribe Called Quest
  • Nothing beats listening to Tribe on a car ride.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Vibes and Stuff

      • Check the Rhime

      • Jazz (We’ve Got)

Shoot the Moons (2019) - Graham Kartna
  • Really fun and innovative album.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Natalya

      • Chop Suey USA 1888

      • Shoot the Moons

  • Crisp and delightful.

    • Favorite Tracks:

      • Time Machine Love


      • Spring Rain

I hope that you enjoyed reading my article! Send me a message on Instagram (@z0berland) with your thoughts and opinions of my reviews, or give me some movie/album recommendations!


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