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Exclusive Interviews from Movement Festival 2022

This year the world-renowned electronic music festival, Movement, was welcomed back to Hart Plaza after the pandemic forced the celebration to enter a two-year hiatus. Over Memorial Day weekend, the birthplace of Techno entertained thousands of fans and featured a billing of local, national, and international artists. Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to interview three of the festival's performing acts: Detroit-based artists Peter Croce and Ke Thu, and Berlin-based artist Lady Starlight. Keep scrolling to hear us cover topics ranging from what it means to return to the festival after so many years off to the profound influences of Jeff Mills and Mike Banks.

In our first interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with one of Detroit's premier music ambassadors, the master DJ, producer, and record label head, Peter Croce. Croce had just finished his DJ set at the Detroit Stage, where he spent an hour and a half conducting a master class on the art of entertaining a crowd without being limited by genre or rules. In this session, We discussed what it meant to play the festival again since its postponement two years ago, how he approached his festival set, and what he has planned for this summer.

That evening, we also spoke with the Detroit-based multi-instrumental duo, Ke Thu. The artists who make up Ke Thu, Tim Barrett and Steven Stavropoulos, have made their mark releasing music on renowned labels such as Greyscale and Detroit Underground, as well as performing in venues such as Marble Bar and Tangent Gallery.

Barrett and Stavropoulos have a tireless work ethic, vivid creative vision, and a deep passion for creating music which comes through during this interview. Listen in as we get into the intricate details of their live act, how they took in their Movement debut, and how they want to build for the future!

The last of our festival interviews concluded with New York native turned Berlin-based artist, Lady Starlight, whose performance on the underground stage the day before was her first appearance at the festival and her first visit to Detroit. Lady Starlight is a gifted live performer, constantly seeking to honor the past of Techno while striving to bring something new to the forefront. Throughout this recording, she showed herself to be charming, relatable, and humble. During this interview, we cover her philosophical approach to live performances and her deep respect for the roots of Detroit techno.

Audio Credits:

Jordan Buzzy captured audio for all interviews

Image Credits:

Images of Peter Croce and Lady Starlight are courtesy of Jordan Buzzy

Images of Ke Thu are courtesy of Jason Myers:

Follow Lady Starlight here:



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