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The 56th Annual WXOU Birthday Bash is Here!

This Thursday, April 6th, 2023, WXOU brings back a beloved Oakland University tradition featuring a wide range of talent from Detroit and the greater OU community!

The free-to-all concert will feature Stoop Lee, JonPaul Wallace, Lady Sound, and Karmel, for a night of good music and celebration of the community.

Stoop Lee is an up-and-coming artist from Detroit who has been deeply influenced by artists like Kanye West, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, and J Dilla. He creates a blend of hip-hop heavily rooted in soul music and brings a fresh take to a classic sound. As someone who recently attended the Stoop Lee Show in Detroit last weekend, I promise you don’t want to miss him.

JonPaul Wallace is an incredibly talented pop artist who graduated from Oakland University and has been a longtime supporter of the station. With his funky pop sound he has performed all around Michigan at festivals and shows. You may recognize him from his amazing WXOU Underground performance, or the viral clip where he got his start, singing at his high school graduation.

Lady Sound is a West Michigan trio who brings a hard rock sound with a ton of personality. One of the band members, Carson Evans, is a recent Oakland graduate, and you may also recognize them from their WXOU Underground performance.

Karmel is a current Oakland University student and DJ. With his electrifying signature sound seamlessly blending house, tech house, deep house, and tribal house, this artist has made waves in the House Music Scene, drawing the attention of industry professionals and securing record label signings.

Check out their music in the official WXOU Birthday Bash playlist below, and come see these incredible musicians live in the Oakland Center, for free, this Thursday, April 6th, 2023. Doors at 5pm.



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