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Chicago: The Musical Brings Razzle Dazzle to Detroit!

The iconic musical played The Fisher Theatre from March 28-April 2

Logan Floyd and the cast of Chicago: The Musical. Photo Source:

Chicago: The Musical’s national tour made a stop in Detroit, Michigan’s Fisher Theatre for eight performances of pure sparkle. The show is about Roxie Hart, a woman who murders her husband and is sent to prison who goes from hating the spotlight to loving it. While in prison, she meets Velma Kelly, another inmate who loves attention. Over the course of the show the battle it out to see who can bring the most headlines to the news and be the “Name on Everybody's Lips.”

This national tour of Chicago stars Logan Floyd as Velma Kelly and Katie Frieden as Roxie Hart. These two power houses demonstrated so much passion for what they do over the course of the show through the characters they play. It was truly like Logan and Katie went away and Velma and Roxie were on the stage. Since the show is extremely iconic, there were high expectations in the room for these two actors. It is without a doubt that they absolutely delivered as the crowd cheered loudly after each musical number. Floyd and Frieden are on their way to becoming big stars in their field of work.

The ensemble also worked extremely well together and kept the story alive. Watching these dancers do what they love most was jaw dropping. Musical theater fans love the work of Bob Fosse and these dancers were able to make him proud by performing his choreography on stage. Without spoiling too much, the ensemble does a lot in the show and they were multiple different hats, and they all managed to to have impeccable sequencing whether they were playing a fellow inmate or they were playing a reporter covering the Roxie Hart trial.

The show is currently running on Broadway today, and is the longest running revival in Broadway history. Chicago is mostly known for the dancing and choreography which was originally done by legend, Bob Fosse. The show still continues to be a success in the world of theater, and tends to bring in famous names to star in the show. For example, Pamela Anderson, Erika Jayne, and Rita Wilson are some of the few famous names that have been cast in the production as Roxie Hart.

It is safe to say that Detroit loves Chicago, and Chicago most definitely loves Detroit right back. This national tour of Chicago is touring the United States through May 21st and then goes to play for audiences in South Korea for the summer of 2023.



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