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Legally Blonde: The Musical "Whipped [Detroit] into Shape"

The hit musical played performances at the Fox theatre earlier this month

Hannah Bonnett as Elle Woods on the National Tour of Legally Blonde. Photo Source: Midland Daily News

Omigod You Guys! The hit musical Legally Blonde played The Fox Theatre on Sunday April 2nd. The show originally opened on Broadway in 2007 after the success of the hit film. The cast performed two shows in Detroit in front of a total of nearly 10,000 fans between both performances. The crowd simply roared and were on their feet at the conclusion of almost every musical number.

On this national tour, there were some changes made to adapt to our current society and trends. For example, the show took place in 2022, and the additional years after that included 2023 and other future years after that. When Legally Blonde the musical was originally introduced there was no such thing as social media and smartphones that we have today. In this version, the plot adapts and acknowledges Instagram and TikTok. Although it took a second to comprehend these trends into the show, it was a great way to make it relatable for younger audiences who aren’t as familiar with Legally Blonde who came and saw the show.

The cast members were absolutely exceptional and casting couldn’t have picked better people to play these roles. Each actor on that stage was born to play the role in which they were cast in. The singing was wonderful, and it was nothing but pure talent on the stage. The principal actors also put their own personal spin on the characters which was also a great thing to watch as an audience member,This show is filled with rising stars who know how to work the stage. It is without a doubt that nothing but great things are coming for each and every one of them.

The national tour of Legally Blonde will be touring the country throughout the month of May, and will wrap things up at the end of next month.



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