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Local Business Feature: The Little Donut Factory

A local hidden gem is The Little Donut Factory. Founded in 2018 by Laura Uhlianuk and Dave Pettypiece, they have become a Rochester essential. The business on wheels vends at local farmers markets, football games, parties, and even here at OU.

The main item sold is the dozen Apple- Cider mini donuts. Served hot and ready to order, they are fully customizable. Customers are able to choose between powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, or plain. After that, the customer has the ability to choose between 5 drizzles. There are options for every taste profile. Options are Fudge, Caramel, Marshmallow, Fresh Raspberry and Lemon. While all options and combinations are delicious, we found that we loved the cinnamon sugar donuts with raspberry and marshmallow the most. While this option is incredibly popular, owner Laura opts for a frutier profile. When asked for her favorite order she says,

‘’I don’t think I could choose between the raspberry and lemon- they are both made in house, adding a personal touch of love’’

While the donuts remain the focal point of the business, the drinks are spectacular on their own. Each season, the business has its own drink- similar to the rotation other large drink chains have. In the fall, cider. Whether it is frozen into a slushy, or hot- the cider adds a splash of tartness with each sip. In the winter, to combat the cold, peppermint mochas are all the rave. With hot chocolate, coffee, and a sprinkling of peppermint, it fits the holiday season perfectly. In the spring and summertime, the truck serves freshly squeezed lemonade. At farmers markets and other events that request it, a separate tent is set up beside the truck. There, customers are able to look over the complex process of making lemonade. As of recently, the truck has been selling house- brewed Cold Brew. Most of the time, it is accompanied by a Vanilla Sweet-cream, naturally of their own recipe.

Founded in early 2018, the business was supposed to be an extra way to make money. Both had full time jobs in construction and in healthcare. Laura had always had a sweet tooth- so the idea of donuts naturally came about. And Dave, being in construction, knew enough about certain ways to conduct business- the concept of a food truck came to mind.

‘’We were both just ready for a professional change . A complete change from health care and contracting . I had always remembered a woman who made donuts at a farmers market and even though I never even tasted them, the set up and process left a big impression on me’’

They chose to sell through their trailer as it allows the business to be flexible and adaptable. Laura knew the market for food trucks well, so the pair decided that

vending at local farmers markets was a fantastic way to lure attention to their

business. Their product was very different from anything that had ever been seen.

Before the couple knew it, the Little Donut Factory became a full time job. Their first event happened in September 2018. And ever since then their business has grown. Adding a truck to their fleet and a dozen or so employees, the truck has become a local staple. When people think of donuts in Rochester, the Little Donut Factory comes to mind.

The hot miniature cider- donuts served with a delicious seasonal drink is the ultimate way to enjoy a cold autumn evening.

if youre interested in seeing where they are, give them a follow on Instagram! @littledonutfactory

Not sponsored, we just really like food



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