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Not At This Time: WXOU's Album of the Week

This past Friday, the Californian + South African electronic-duo ANIMA! released their newest album Not At This Time, a beautifully whimsical and bubbly electronic project to start the year off positive. From the 80’s synth-pop reminiscent ”I Don’t Give A”, to the bouncy pop ballad “Pop Stars”, ANIMA! takes a myriad of styles and works them into a cohesive and highly entertaining album.

Not At This Time is a collection of songs which were all initially written for major brands and ad campaigns but were rejected. Despite this, the six songs and four interludes come together to create a diverse yet cohesive project which represents pushing onward past rejection and creating something new in the face of it. Like the flower in the album art, Not At This Time rises from the refusals and gives new life to these tracks despite the reasoning behind their original creation. The tongue-in-cheek track ”Regards :)” highlights, using a rejection email read by a robotic monotone voice to close off the album of rejected tracks, which were far too great for the homogenous corporate world.

The introduction track “Let It Go” feels like entering a brand new world, filled with dynamic synth patterns, catchy melodies, and hypnotic vocals. The instrumental feels straight out of a video game, and transports you into the universe of ANIMA! which will suck you in for the next 21 minutes.

The single “Stop Time” is so densely layered with instruments and sounds it takes several listens to really hear everything. The verses have an aura of mystery and whimsy to them which draw the listener in to a space outside of time. The floaty chorus sounds free and adventurous, creating a sense of nostalgia that stops time.

“I Don’t Give A” was another standout on the album, verging far from the previous, more electronic sounds of its predecessors, blending indie rock and 80s synth-pop sounds to create a timeless jam destined for party playlists this summer. The transitions within the song create a feeling of depth and distinctness in each section, making the punchy chorus hit much harder after the more mellow, low-fi verses.

The closing song “Melting Colors” is a solid closer for the album, slowing down with flowing vocals and catchy keyboard melodies. The song is filled with many aesthetic embellishments and intricate harmonies that scratch a certain itch in the brain only good music can get.

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