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The End of Magic Mike's Era

Channing Tatum's hit film franchise comes to and end after ten unforgettable years.

Channing Tatum and Selma Hayek Pinault in the official film poster. Courtesy: IMDB

After 10 years and three films, Channing Tatum’s hit movie franchise, Magic Mike released its third and final film over Valentine’s weekend, Magic Mike’s Last Dance. The final installment picks up where Mike (Portrayed by Tatum) is no longer working as dancer at a local club. He is now a bartender and working a party hosted by Maxandra Mendoza (portrayed by Selma Hayek Pinault).

When Mendoza discovers that Mike has a dancing past, she asks him to assist her with a new show in London. Although he thought it was sketchy, he agreed to go with her to make her vision a reality. As soon as he gets to London, Mike meets Mendoza’s family and realizes she has been an absent mother toward her daughter and has an unhealthy relationship with her husband. This takes a toll on Mike as he started to feel sympathetic toward Mendoza and wants to be there for her both personally and professionally.

The pair work together to make their vision a reality for their dream show in London. The venue where the show takes place isn’t a traditional theater for what Mike is used to. However, he discovers that it is indeed possible to make his dreams a reality. Mendoza and Mike’s talents bring audience member to their feet for an unforgettable show.

This film was a great way to put an end to this franchise. After a decade, this third installment was able to show highlights on the other two films as well. The dancing was truly fascinating, and the dancers made it all look extremely easy, especially when it came to the flips and tricks they were doing in the routines. Magic Mikes success was able to inspire other forms of entertainment such as Magic Mike: Live in Las Vegas which was produced by Tatum.



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