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AI Runs WXOU for a day

Something previously written exclusively in science fiction is now impacting our world today.

In November last year, OpenAI revolutionized the idea of AI with the public release of ChatGPT. Sense then, the possibilities have grown exponentially.

Up until mid-March, ChatGPT used the powerful language model GPT 3.5. However, as a part of the ChatGPT Plus plan, GPT-4 was released. What's the difference between the two? It turns out, quite a few things. First of all, GPT-4 is much smarter than the previous version. In tests like the Bar Exam, the SAT, and various AP tests, GPT-4 showed dramatic improvement. It is much easier for it to use logic in these exams. But it is also significantly more creative.

It was this increase in creativity that gave me an idea for a challenge at the station. What at WXOU can be automated by ChatGPT? In our latest video on our YouTube channel, I tried to create a radio show (complete with a song set list, PSAs, and social media marketing) using just ChatGPT.

In all honesty, it actually did a much better job than I was expecting. If you would like to hear the entire radio show that it created, listen below!



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